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Margot Roi winner of the 2008 "Best Female Jazz Artist" awarded by the Toronto Exclusive On-line Magazine! Margot is a  New York City featured artist.
Margot has been recently given an award by Billboard World Song for one of her original songs "A Place For Me". It has also been included in the CD compilation "Songs of Canada 2008:Anthology of Canadian Songwriters". Margot was given the "Song Writers Universe Best Song of the Month  for "A Place For Me"
Hamilton ON, native Margot Roi combines both her artistic and musical background to create an unique flexible style of language resulting in a mesmerizing effect.

Margot's current CD release 'A Place For Me' is an eclectic collection of jazz and contemporary songs that approach the subject of love from every possible perspective to affirm a place in your heart! Margot arranged traditional and contemporary standards including the Beatles, Gordon Lightfoot, Cole Porter and her original compositions to reflect her diverse musical nature. Recorded with Toronto's top jazz musicians: Kelly Jefferson, Reg Schwager, William Carn, Mike Downes, Ted Warren, Brian O'Kane, Mark Kelso, Ted Quinlan, John Johnson, Alan Hetherington, Will Jarvis and Anthony Panacci. This CD has been playing on many international radio broadcasts and has charted in the top ten both in the USA and Canada.

"This vocalist possesses an authoritative delivery that is counterbalanced with sincerity and her emotively generated lyricism..." -Glenn Astarita -ejazznews.

Margot Roi delivers a pronounced and powerful performance with an exuberant, unfettered approach.
"When  I perform vocally, I want the audience to experience a little fun. I choose lyrics that intensify the emotive colourations of my interpretive style, to further inhabit the textured atmosphere laid down by the other musicians."
Margot has studied music at the University of Windsor, ON and vocals at The Academy of Canadian Vocals. She has also studied with The Toronto Singing Studio,Bob Mover and Mitch Seekins and The Toronto Singing Studio. Margot Roi has studied piano and learned the guitar, autoharp, and ukulele at her father's knee and of course played the trombone in her High School Band!
Margot Roi delivers her infectious, personable performances at festivals, concerts, art openings,corporate affairs and intimate jazz venues.

" The sparkly, effervescent and yet substantial vocals of singer Margot Roi will blow you away. Her lively stage personality engages music lovers of all ages." -Megan Morgan - Press Photographer

I will perform as a duo, trio, quartet or quintet
Margot Roi: vocals
Ross MacIntyre, Jordan O'Connor: acoustic bass
Mark Kieswetter : piano
Jeff Halischuck, Glenn Anderson: percussion
Kelly Jefferson, Richard Underhill: Saxophone
Trumpet: Brian O'Kane
"A Place For Me" CD

Many tracks from this album have been on radio rotation internationally.
Official Website Margot Roi