Monday, 18 January 2010



Artist Information
Selected for Uptown Jazz Online Radio in Aug. 2009, and Kanaljazz online radio in Oct. 2009, Rose-Marie Cameron has been involved in songwriting and performance for a number of years and wrote her first song at 12 years old. She has performed as a folk singer, country artist and classical performer. She has sung in small venues, during special occasions and in concert. She sings  as a solo artist and has sung in a large performance choir. Rose-Marie has continued to write original material for radio airplay and concert venues, and her work has evolved greatly. She is now writing and recording light jazz songs with her co-writer, Carey Parder.  Their music is catchy and well developed and is being promoted to Jazz and Adult Contemporary Radio stations as of January 5th, 2009. Their new song, entitled "High On A Hill" has great potential and they are very excited for its release. Rose-Marie has had "High On A Hill" translated into French and is considering having it recorded this summer.Between the two of them, Carey and Rose-Marie have four albums as well as this new single, which are available to the public through Hummingbird Studios in Calgary. Friends for a number of years, Rose-Marie and Carey continue to make magic with their musical inspirations and artistic connection.

Rose-Marie Cameron: lead and harmony vocals
Mathilda Morrison-Furger: harmony vocals
Carey Parder: all guitars, bass, midi instrumentation
Orrie Harris: fretless bass, keyboards
Aaron McEathron: drums and percussion
Thomas Sherbut: Keyboards
Jonathan Lewis: fiddle

"Moonlight in A Winter Sky" 2005 LP
"Blue Horizon" 2007 LP
"High On A Hill" 2009 single
"Passages" William Carey 2001
"Mirage" William Carey 2006
High On A Hill and Carry Me Out To You selected for the Uptown Jazz Network Internet Radio Airplay, Aug. 17, 2009



  1. She is good! Did you know she's also an artist? I have two of her paintings...check her art out at

  2. She is good! Did you know she's also an artist? I have two of her paintings. Check her art out at