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an·o·mie [an-uh-me] n social unrest or normlessness; malaise, alienation and purposelessness.

belle [bel] n a popular and charming woman; especially: a woman whose charm and beauty make her a favorite.

“Under the moniker of Anomie Belle…Toby Campbell has proven herself to be a legitimate quintuple threat as a masterful composer, producer, programmer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist... Her sultry, smoky vocals combine with her slithery, seductive programming for the perfect balance of…sexiness and darkness. Having toured with the likes of electronica stalwarts Tricky and Little Dragon, Anomie Belle is poised to find itself among the most revered names of the genre” – URB Magazine.

Originally a classical violinist and songwriter from Portland, OR, Anomie Belle began performing and recording her own music as a child. She worked as a musician and producer in Madrid, Glasgow, Amsterdam, New York, Buenos Aires, and London before moving to Seattle in 2007. Also an active film composer, Belle has scored award-winning films that have screened at the Seattle International Film Festival, Bumbershoot, the Northwest Film Forum, and Toronto Hot Docs.

“Befitting the name Anomie Belle, in this music, alienation and social unrest mingle with charm and beauty.” (KEXP) Her material grapples with social issues ranging from American political apathy to suburban alienation, passive media spectatorship, social injustice, and consumerism. Haunting melodies and experimental electronic soundscapes transport listeners through the crowded nature of our modern minds and urban spaces.

Since her debut release, "Sleeping Patterns", Anomie Belle has toured with: Tricky, The Album Leaf, Little Dragon and (Gustavo Santaolalla's) Bajofondo.  She has also shared the stage with: Azure Ray, Kid Koala, Mirah, L'Altra, Trespassers William, Fink, talkdemonic, Manuok, JayMay, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Carmen Rizzo, Sleepy Eyes of Death, Benoit Pioulard and many others. Anomie Belle often features guest musicians, including regular guest vocalist Anna-Lynne Williams (Trespassers William, Chemical Brothers, Lotte Kestner).

“Campbell's voice is just as textured as her compositions, with sinewy melodies and floating refrains that curl their way into your mind.” – Sentimentalist Magazine

Anomie Belle will dissolve“She combines electronic and experimental elements with sensual beats, lush strings and layered vocals, dropping the listener into the melancholy heart of her beautiful symphonies.  you.” – Performer Magazine

“Her mixture of organic instrumentation – guitar, piano, violin and other strings – with inhuman drumbeats and synthesized textures suggests a dualism between guards old and new. She walks a balance, and the results speak volumes.” – Venus Zine

“Campbell creates eerie auras of dislocated symphonic elements, effects, and muffled hip-hop beats, at the center of which is always Campbell's highly capable and slightly jazzy singing voice.” – Seattle Stranger

“Sleeping Patterns wastes no time introducing Anomie Belle’s haunting voice, beautiful and is bursting with sound.” – Sound Magazine
Toby Campbell: Programming, Vox, Keys, Violin, Guitar
Eric Otteson: Drums
Dana Feder: Cello

Band: Anomie Belle
Album: Sleeping Patterns
Released: November 2, 2008

Anomie Belle’s debut album, Sleeping Patterns, has been receiving widespread airplay and is in rotation at over 300 radio stations throughout the U.S. (promoted by AAM).


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