Tuesday, 9 February 2010


” This lady can sing the blues. And ballads, and…well just about anything.”

   Jazz Improv, June 2008

"Lainie can cook on the kind of quality standards she prefers-the Porter-Gershwin-Rodgers &

Hart classics that challenge her dramatic bent for story-telling. She has an unerring ear for
melodic invention and an instinctive feel for time that allows her to take unusual rhythmic
liberties. And her intonation is 'right on.'"
Jazz journalist, Harvey Siders, The Los Angeles Daily News, circa 1985

Lainie’s career began at age three when she saw her first microphone. Love at first sight.
Then came her first radio show at 6, first TV show at 11, and band singer at age 14. Recording
artist took a little longer.

When a real jazz singer comes along one can’t help but take notice. And when at the age of 60
Lainie released her first CD “Here’s to Life” (Harlemwood 0101) everyone took notice. Now,
with the release of her second CD, “It’s Always You,” (Harlemwood 0108), Lainie lays claim to
what she’s been working on her whole life.
At thirteen Lainie won a city-wide talent contest in her hometown of Minneapolis: First prize - a
trip to New York. On the corner of 47th & Broadway with traffic streaming by and bright lights
dazzling her young eyes, she heard a voice - "Well, you're home now." It was prophetic.

After two years at the University of Minnesota, as a Theatre Arts major, she left for Broadway
and nightclubs, but her greatest successes came from commercials. Lots of them. For over 30
years she has been a successful voiceover artist. Credits include Jean Nate, Cremora, Asti
Spumante, Ford, McDonald's, The Daily News, Mortons, Gillette, Massengil, Saveur, Ideal Toys,
Boars Head, etc. to name but a very few, as well as dozens of Infommercials, Industrials, radio
and TV promos to numerous to mention.

In 1974, married, (now divorced), Lainie, her husband and a friend jumped into an enterprise that
would be the biggest adventure of her life. Leaving New York and an extensive career as a
voiceover actor and budding singer, she landed on the island of Jamaica running a poultry farm
and singing in island wide monthly concerts. Four years later she found herself in Los Angeles
still singing to rave reviews and core fans who continue to support her to this day.

In the early 80’s returning to her heart – New York City – she picked up where she left off -
singing in clubs, cabarets, concerts in New York and LA, and continuing to do voiceovers.

In the spirit of “giving back” Lainie began coaching younger performers and serving on the
National and NY Local Board of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
(AFTRA). She is currently the National Recording Secretary of AFTRA. She is also
acknowledged as one of the best Voiceover coaches in the country.

Her unique style and voice contains no hype or attitude. She continues to thrill audiences old and
new with the pure emoting and gravitas only true life experience can endow in an artist.

“I’m a trained actor who’s a jazz singer. I’m a jazz singer who’s a trained actor. What I
do is about the song. It’s a very direct kind of communication. More than anything I
want to touch you. So I aim for your heart. The most important thing I can do is sing the

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