Monday, 2 November 2009


 Beneath CD


Writing, recording, performing - which is your
favourite aspect of being an artist and why?
Performing is without question my favorite part of my work.  Connecting with listeners, either in the band or in the audience, is one of the most intimate experiences I've ever had.  I actually prefer playing smaller venues so I can see peoples' eyes and body language.  It's also really liberating to not worry about being perfect in the way that one does when in the studio.  Sometimes mistakes or missteps carry meaning live that recordings don't capture.   There is something incredibly peaceful about performing that I don't experience anywhere else.
What do you want people to feel while listening to your music?
It depends on the tune.  We've been covering a Queens of the Stone Age tune and also doing my own tunes which are often based on poets such as Derek Walcott and William Butler Yeats.  So three chord rock?  Yeah.  Modal float? Absolutely. 
What tours or performances are coming up for you?
Small gigs here in NYC.
Are you expecting few dates in Europe and in France
in particular?
No dates!
What are you listening to at the

Radiohead and more Radiohead,  Mendelsohhn, The Be Good Tanyas, Green Day.  

Vocalist and composer Sara Holtzschue has Cadence Magazine calling her compositions an "otherworldly cocktail” and her voice “honest (and) haunting.”  Grammy winning vocalist Luciana Souza describes Sara’s original music as “beautiful (and) integrated.” Sara combines a unique jazz and rock inspired aesthetic to her compositions and performances.


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